Fitness Center

Great Plains PVA Health & Fitness Center
Where a healthy life-style begins…

Mission: To improve the quality of life of paralyzed veterans and other adults and children living with a disability by developing equal opportunities in sports & recreation, especially those activities that enhance lifetime health and fitness.
Fitness Center Hours
Monday – Friday
Fitness times must be
scheduled in advance.
Call Pat at 402-398-1422.
Minimal fees.
Scholarships available.


An Individual Approach to a Healthier YOU!

  • For adults with physical disabilities
  • Crossfit workout style
  • Utilizes a variety of adapted weight & strengthening equipment
  • Improves strength, endurance & balance
  • Promotes improved cardiovascular health
  • Identifies & enhances your personal abilities
  • Casual atmosphere
  • Improves lifetime health & wellness
  • Doctor’s Release & Authorization required
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